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A small list of books from my Personal Library in Refutation of Deobandies

Reality of Deoband

A small list of books from my Personal Library in Refutation of Deobandies

By Mrehan786
Dated: August 4, 2014
(Alhumdulillah! I wrote this Article in just about 12 to 14 Hours)

Imam Ala Hadhrat wrote Hussam Al Harmayn in refutation of Deobandies. So throughout the net according to my observation i found the Claims of Deobandies that Hussam al Harmayn is already refuted by their Deobandi Scholars and they named these books of their in refutation of it:
1) Shahab e Saqib
2) Al Muhannad
3) Faisla e Kun Munazra (The Decisive Debate)

These three are the main books which they claim that they were written in Refutation Hussam Al Harmayn. They also Claim that we Sunnies didnt replied to these books so thus we sunnies are not right but these Deobandies. So lets check the authenticity of their claims with respect to my collection of books in refutation of Deobandies. (Note: Many books were written against deobandies but in this article i will mention the names of only those books that i have collected so far in this short period of time. So this list is incomplete which i will keep on updating from time to time)

Refuting Deobandi Book Shahab e Saqib 

Deobandi wrote a book by name Shahab e Saqib against Hussam Al Harmayn. But this books is fully refuted by Mufti Muhammad Ajmal Sahab's book 'Radd e Shahab e Saqib' (Pages: 482) [Book:1]

Refuting Deobandi Book Al Muhannad 
Deobandies wrote a book by name 'Al Muhannd' in order to take fatwas from the Imams of Makkah And Madina in their favour by deceiving them and to falsely refute Hussam Al Harmayn of Ala Hadhrat. But this book of Deobandies is refuted by these books of our Great Sunni Alims:
1) Al Tehqiqt le Dafa Al Tablisaat (Pages:60) [Book:2] by Sadrul Afazil Maulana Sayed Muhammad Naimuddin Sahab Muradabadi(rah)
2) Radd Al Muhannad -Ulma e Deoband k Maqr wa Faraib (Pages:128) [Book:3] by Munazir e Islam Hazrat Allama Maulana Muhammad Hashmat Ali Khan(rah)

Refuting Deobandi Book Faisla e Kun Munazra (The Decisive Debate) 
Deobandies in order to misguide people that they are not refuted, just copied their old explanations (which were already refuted in books like Radd e Shahab e Saqib) in a book and published it by name 'Faisla e Kun Munazra (The Decisive Debate)'. This book is written by Manzoor Nomani Deobandi.
In the Year 1988, Mufti Shariff Al Haq Amjadi(rah) wrote: 'Sunni Deobandi Ikhtilaf ka Munsifa Jaiza (A fair Analysis of the Sunni Deobandi Dispute)' (Pages: about 150) [Book:4]. This book was written to highlight the lies and mischief of Manzur Nomani present in his book Faisla e Kun Munazra. Mufti Sahab refuted each and every lie of Manzur Nomani point by point.

One book by name 'Hussam Al Harmayn k 100 saal' (Pages:51) [Book:5] by Dr. Lateef Hussain Saeedi and another one by name 'Al Sawawam al Hindiya' (Pages:218) [Book:6] by Munazir e Islam Maulana Hashmat Ali Khan Sahab Qadri were written in support of Hussam al Harmayn.

Books in refutation of the Statements from a book of Qasim Nanothwi by name Tahzir un Naas about Khatme Naboowat: 
1) 'Nazriya e Khatme Naboowat aur Tahzir un Naas' (Pages:71) [Book:7] by Shaykh ul Islam Hazrat Allama Sayyidi Muhammad Madni Ashraf Jilani
2) 'Al Tanveer la difa zlam Al Tahzir -Masla e Takfeer' (Pages:64) [Book:8] by Hazrat Allama Maulana Gulam Ali Qadri Ashraf Okarwi
3) 'Tanbeeh ul Juhaal Raad e Tahzir un Naas' (Pages:104) [Book:9] by Maulvi Hafiz Baqsh
4) 'Tahzir un Naas ka tehqiqi aur tanqidi Jaiza' (Pages:160) [Book:10] by Sayyid Tabassum Shah Bukhari
5) ' Nazriya e Khatme Naboowat aur Tahzir un Naas' (Pages:47) [Book:11] by Shaykh ul Islam Hazrat Allama Sayyid Muhammad Madni Ashrafi Jilani
6) 'Khatme Naboowat aur Tahzir un Naas' (Pages:508) [Book:12] by Sayyid Badshah Tabassum Bukhari

Books in Refutation of Deobandies who have said in their Various books and fatawa that 'Falsehood is possible for Allah(swt)' -EXALTED IS HE FROM SUCH ATTRIBUTES 
Before listing the book names, let me say:
'Falsehood is a Flaw, and a flaw for Allah(swt) is Muhal. It is not included in the Mumkinat and neither is it included in Divine Power. And this, just as His Divine Power does not include anything that implies a flaw in Him - Exalted is He - like ignorance (Jahl) and powerlessness (ajz) or negation of the attribute of speech or any other attribute of perfection.

So here is the list:

1) Sub'han as Subbuh an Kadhibi Aybun Maqbuh {Glorious is Subbuh (Subbuh: Free From all flaws, His Divine name) from the ugliness and flaw of falsehood} (Pages:141) [Book:13] By Ala Hadhrat
2) Qama al-mubin li Amal al Mukadh'dhibin {An articulate reprimand: Dashing the hopes of the falsifiers} (Pages:50) [Book:14] by Ala Hadhrat
3) Daman e Bagh e Subhan as Subbuh {The courtyard of the Garden of Subhan As Subbuh} (Pages:14) [Book:15] by Ala Hadhrat
4) The Truth About a Lie -A Refutation of the Claim that Falsehood is included in Divine Power (Pages:85) [Book:16] by Abu Hasan

Refuting Rashid Ahmad Gangohi's book Baraheen e Qatia 

Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Abd Al Samih Rampuri Saharanpuri wrote a book by name 'Anwaar e Satia dar bayan e Mawlood wa Fatiha' (Pages:596) [Book:17] in order to prove the permissibility Of Good Bid'ah, Esaal e Sawaab(Nazar o Niyaaz, Fatiha, Qul etc) , Celebrating Milad un Nabi(saw), Standing(Doing Qiyaam) while sending Salat o Salam to Huzur(saw) etc.
Then Rashid Ahmad Gangohi wrote a book by name Baraheen e Qatia in order to refute Anwaar e Satia but in this book Gangohi Sahab not only made baseless refutation but also made very big mistakes of which we all are aware of it.
Thus Hazrat Abd Al Samih Rampuri within few years published the second edition of 'Anwaar e Satia' which also consists the refutation of Baraheen e Qatia.

Names of other books that were written in refutation of Baraheen e Qatia are:
1) Taqdees ul Waqeel an Tauheen Al Rasheed wa Al Khalil(Pages:466) [Book:18]
2) Bawariq e Laamia wa Radd e Baraheen e Qatia (Pages:380) [Book:19]

Some more books that were written in refutation of Deobandies are:

1) Zalzala (Pages:282) [Book:20] by Allama Arshad ul Qadri. This one book alone brought Earthquake in deoband Madarsa as it exposes the double standards of Deobandies.
2) In order to fool people, Deobandi wrote 6 books in refutation of Zalzala which were further refuted by the Allama in his book 'Zair o Zabar' (Pages:326) [Book:21]
3) 'Akabir Ulma e Deoband ka ijmali Taaruf aur unki deeni wa mli khidmat ka mukhtasar jaiza' (Pages:424) [Book:22] by Khalifa Mufti Aazam e Hind Hazrat Allama Maulana Mufti Abdulwahab Khan Al Qadri
4) 'Fatawa e Rizwia aur Fatawa e Rashidiya ka taqbul Mutala' (Pages:92) [Book:23] by Mufti Muhammad Mukarram Ahmad Naqshbandi Mujaddadi
5) A book by name 'Gustakhane Rasool(saw) k liye Maut ka paigham' (Pages:31) [Book:24] by Sheikh ul Hadees Muhaddis e Azam Pakistan Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Sardar Ahmad is written in refutation of a statement of a book by name Hifz ul Eman of Ashraf Ali Thanwi
6) 'Ibarat e Akbar ka Tehqiqi wa Tanqidi Jaiza in 2 volumes (Total Pages: About 850) [Book:25] by Muhaqiq e Ahle Sunnat Hazrat Allama Maulana Sahabzade Gulam Naseer Al Deen Siyalwi
7) 'Inkishaf e Haqiqat' (Pages:121) [Book:26] by Maulana Abu Al Fazal Abdul Rahman
8) Dar al Uloom Deoband ka Baani Kaun? (Pages:136) [Book:27] by Dr. Gulam Yahya Anjum
9) Taaruf e Ulma e Deoband (Pages:146) [Book:28] By Maulana Muhammad Shaafi Okarwi
10) Ahle Sunnat Deoband ka Irfan (Pages:80) [Book:29] by Faqir Abu Al Raza Abdul Wahab Khan Al Qadri
11) Akbar e Deoband ka Takfiri Afsana (Pages:64) [Book:30]
12) Deoband se Baraily (Pages:77) [Book:31] by Kokab Noorani
13) Lataif e Deoband (Pages:96) [Book:32] by Maulana Sayyid Muhammad Hashmi Miya
14) Deoband ka naya deen (Pages:215) [Book:33] by Hazrat Allama Mushtaq Ahmad Nizami
15) Faisla Kijiye - Deoband aur Barailwi me kya farq he? (Pages:128) [Book:34] by Allama Maulana Sher Muhammad Sher Muhammad Jamshedi
16) Al Deobandiat (Pages:262) [Book:35] by Hafiz e Millat Shah Abdul Aziz Muhaddis Muradabadi
17) Deoband v/s Deoband (Pages:47) [Book:36] by Allama Hasan Ali
18) Al Jabl Al Sanwi Ali Quliyat e Thanwi (Pages:10) [Book:37] by Ala Hadhrat
19) Abhaas e Akhirah (Pages:14) [Book:37] by Ala Hadhrat
20) Dafa e Zaygh e Zaagh (Pages:21) [Book:38] by Ala Hadhrat
21) Ahmad Raza ka Khat to Thanwi (Pages:2) [Book:39] by Ala Hadhrat
22) Al Qiladah Al Murassah fi nahr ala jubate Alarbate (Pages:49) [Book:40] by Ala Hadhrat
23) Deobandi Pamphlet k jawabat (Pages:17) [Book:41] by Mufti Muhammad Abdul Wahab Khan Al Qadri
24) Haqaiq e Nama Dar al Uloom Deoband (Pages:43) [Book:42] by Kokab Noorani
25) Andhere se Ujale ki Taraf (Pages:34) [Book:43] by Allama Abdul Haqum Sharaf Qadri
26) Aaina e Deoband (Pages:27) [Book:44] by Mufti Faiz Ahmad Owaisi
27) Deobandi Tarjume ka Operation (Pages:80) [Book:45] by Mufti Mehboob Ali
28) Aqaid e Ulma e Deoband (Pages:47) [Book:45] by Muhammad Ajaaz Anjum Lateef
29) Deobandi Shatir apne muuh Kafir (Pages:31) [Book:48] by Muhammad Hasan Ali Qadri
30) Deobandio ka Risala Asli Hanfiyat Ka Jawab (Pages:50) [Book:49] by Muhammad Naeem
31) Hussam Al Harmayn ki Haqaniyat wa Sadaqat wa Sakahat (Pages:22) [Book:50] by Maulana Muhammad Hasan
32) Shamah e Hidayat Bajawab Aaina e Sadaqat (Pages:93) [Book:51] by Maulana Muhammad Abdul Hafiz Sahab

Note: I did not included the names of those books Which were written in refutation of Deobandis false Aqeedah related to the topic of Ilm ul Gayb, Hazir Nazir, Noor o Bashar, Ikhtiyarat e Mustafa, Esaal e Sawab(Niyaaz, Fatiha, Urs etc), Auliya Allah, Sending Salat o Salam while standing, Kissing Thumbs, Sending Durood o Salam Before and After Azaan, Celebrating Eid Milad un Nabi(saw) etc because hundreds of Books are Available on these topics, thus inshaAllah i will deal each of these topics individually in future. Amiin!

Alhumdulillah i succesfuly listed 51 books in refutation of Deobandies just only from my personal library whereas many many many books are available in their refutations which everyone can get from the market. I hopes that this must be sufficient to understand the truth. InshaAllah i will keep on Updating the list and will try my best to publish them online in the form pdf so that everyone can download them.
Till then kindly learn the reality of Deobandies in English from this site: 


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